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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Recovery Every Day

At a very young age  I was exposed to the world of AA and Al-Anon. It is not a claim to fame nor is it a sign of shame. It is simply a fact . Quite honestly until my mom passed away  and I found her butterfly collection from Al-Anon  , I had forgotten how much wisdom lies in the sayings that they use in recovery everyday and how much they apply to owning a business and life in general. Some of the greatest words in wisdom lie in these 3- 5  word sayings and if we remember them, it might just help maneuver the day to day issues that  plague us all .  Recovery sayings aren't only helpful for addictions- they are helpful in dealing with every day life.

 EASY DOES IT - - It reminds us all to relax. Some days are harder than others. Take a step back and take a deep breathe. It actually does help and  in the most frustrating situations, it can help you think through the aggravation.

FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT - It simply means practice means perfect.While business may not always be booming and you may not always feel successful, visualize yourself as that. Soon you'll find the more you visualize success, the more likely it is to happen. Smile when you don't feel like it and pretty soon you won't have to "fake it". Push through the day when you want to give up and pretty soon the day will be almost over and you'll be amazed how what started out as "faking it" can actually turn into a pretty successful day of "making it".

and of course my personal favorite-ONE DAY AT A TIME- for an alcoholic it means not taking a drink for a 24 hour period . The theory is it's easier to worry about one day then a whole lifetime. Being a business owner is not much different. Many times in business we worry about how to save the business , how to grow the business and where the business will be in 6 months. Sometimes we do that so much we forget to take care of the business of today which can lead to problems for both today AND tomorrow.   Think about what needs to be done today and work on that . Tomorrow will have it's own set up challenges. Deal with those then . Do what you need to today.

Whether employees are driving us crazy (which was the  plight of one of my customers last evening) , personal issues and pain are distracting us (which is where my day is today)or we're facing financial difficulties ( that's basically everyone who owns a business these  days), we all need something  to help us get through the day sometimes. While these slogans and words of wisdom may not be the answer to everything , I believe remembering them and reciting them certainly can't hurt

As for me I'm holding onto another saying today - THIS TOO SHALL PASS. I'm not going to lie. It's been an exceedingly bad day -whether it's the weather outside, or the cold I just cant shake - I just could not make it work today and I let the sadness over losing my mother  last month took hold most of the day. I know however life goes on and so does business. So I accept that today wasn't a great day and I move on knowing it will pass and that tomorrow is another chance for SERENITY and some smiles.

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