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Friday, April 13, 2012

The Personal Business of Life

Recently a business associate and I were discussing blogging and I was admonished for writing with too much "me" in blogs  "People want to learn about business and tips" he said " they don't want it personal" Since I only know how to write from "within", this perplexed me.  How do I remove me and still write?

  I started thinking about all the business books I have read and how they read and I realized that the ones,  I enjoyed the most including stories and insights into the writers life.  Yes there were lessons and business tips but many of them were personal to that particular writer. It was at that moment that I realized it was time for me to step up to the plate,stop listening to others and follow my heart. It is time for The Pajama President to take the stage - no matter what others think.  

Business and life are not exclusive of one another. While we go about running our businesses - life happens. To write about one and exclude the other isn't who I am and I don't think does either topic justice. Everyone who is in business has a life and a lot of times they encounter similar situations and hiccups as other business owners that cross over into personal life. 

 Although I know not everyone will agree with me, I have to write as I see fit. Not everyone will want to know that getting through each day and trying to hang on after my mom has passed away is a challenge. It 's something that's personal but it's something that affects business as well . I'm sure I'm not the only one who has ever lost a loved one that has owned a business and has struggled to go on day after day. If I am that's great  and no one has to read about it.  If ,however, I'm not and someone takes comfort in knowing that they are not alone, then that's all that matters and I have done a good thing. 

Although I'm not yet sure what topics I'll cover on a daily basis through The Pajama President, I do know I will be ever present. As I said whether I am I am writing about the importance of branding or how to cope with a now widowed dad and balance a business- I write from within. 

For those who don't like my personal take on the business world, I invite you to revisit the Constitution and the section on free speech , just because I write doesn't mean you must read. For everyone else who is curious as to where I'm going on my new journey - I invite you to come along - oh and if you do - please send a silent shout out to my mom who has joined the Corporate Pajamas staff as the CGA (Chief Guardian Angel ). She was proud that I owned a company but she always wanted me to be a writer - I know an acknowledgement from anyone reading would make her day in heaven.

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